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does anyone know if any fuses in the outside fuse box are connected to any in the inside fuse box?

need some help with that, and

Does anyone know a good place to run wires to the inside the cars for fog lights, I havent seen a good spot to drill or stick the wires through... please help me!!!

Lancer OZ 2003

as far as fuses connecting to other fuses i don't think i have ever heard of any car ever doing that, one fuse will run multiple functions, but one thing should never need multiple fuses. unless your running a 2,000 watt sub woofer with multiple amps. as far as fog lights, you can always drill a hole somewhere in your floor board near the front of your car and run the wires under your carpet up to your dash. just remember that after you run the wires through to use some RTV silicon in the hole after your wires are in so it seals the hole from weather.
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