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2010 Lancer 1.8 143 hp manual
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Ladies and gents

I never drove any Lancer before i bought mine few days ago.

It is Lancer VIII 2010 1.8 and 143 hp.

I used to own renault with electric steering for few years and you can easily turn it with finger.

When i tried Lancer, especially when standstill, the steering feels so stiff. I mean it turns without any issue but you need to give real power. But when you drive and get faster, it becomes more responsive.

The same day i drove another Lancer with 1.6 it felt similar as far as i remember but i was more focused on the one i bought.

could not be sure if the steering has a problem or it is normal with Lancer VIII.

At lower speeds, it feels tough and higher speeds it feels more responsive

Would that be the artificial feeling after very soft Renault steering?

I gave it to the mechanic and he said that all seems good in the car apart from suspension and breaks ( all changed already along with all hydraulics/oils)
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