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Replacing a stolen MAF (mass air flow) for a Montero L146W V6 3000 1994. Help!

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Hi forum communitiy, I could really use your help.

My MAF was stolen, it is a Colombian assembled 1994 L146W Montero V6 3L.
The exact spare part mentioned in the catalog MD118128 (E5T01671) I could not find anywhere.
Unfortunately this is a part that thieves are on the lookout to then resell in the black market...

However I have found a very similar one, the MD118127 (E5T01371).
Would you know if this one could work well for this car from your experience or knowledge?

I think in other countries this might be a 1990 or 1991 model:
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Thanks a million
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They used that 3L V-6 in all kinds of things. I have one in my 2001 Eclipse. They sold a lot of those engines to Chrysler for a number of their mid-sized cars and mini-vans. You should be able to find something that would work. Hit the wrecking yards. ...J.D.
Well good to know, thanks. I also suspected that a MAF from another 3L V6 6G72 might work.
I bought the MD118127 (E5T01371) on amazon and we'll see next week if it works. I'll post here.
I pretty much think the same thing. You might want to make sure they are about the same age. Yours is of the OBD-1 era. I have a spare OBD-2 one here on the shelf but that is a different system. Those Chrysler mini-vans used that engine a lot. Happy hunting. Let us know how it turns out. ...J.D.
You can always look up the part # for the MAF on the internet [I use Ebay a lot]. Then look up the part # for a MAF on the doner car to see if the numbers match. Saves a lot of time in the wrecking yard or shopping for a hard to find part on the internet. ...J.D.
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