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I am new to the forum and joined after search in googles. The reason is that the rev. needle of my mits. spacestar (1.8 equipe petrol) is fluctuating and ocassionaly engine stalls while waiting in long ques or on traffic lights etc.
I have been told to replace the throttle body which is a very expensive business.
Is there any alternative?


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Hi, I had the same problem that you guys report about the floating needles on the speedo and rev counter and what this is what I did to solve it:
1st I removed the instrument panel cover by unscrewing the 2 top bolts;

Pulled the top cover towards me;

Then after locating the 3 screws that hold the instrument panel i removed them too;

After that you can remove it by pulling it out.The conecting plugs will remain on the dashboard.
Now WITH CAUTION lift the printed wiring(I dont know the right name);

Cut two pieces of insulating tape and stick them on the back of the conection flaps;

This way there will be better contact between the panel and the plugs.
I also lifted the conecting pins on the plugs, again with CAUTION;

For that I had to remove the plugs from the dashboard by clicking on their back;

You can also take the oportunity and check the light bulbs in the instrument panel.
After that all theres left to do is put it all together again and enjoy the work done.
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