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Reverse camera not coming on

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Hi All,

I have a 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander that has been pretty great. A couple of days ago, I noticed my backup camera was not coming on when I went into reverse. Going into the settings, I saw that the camera worked. After a while, I figured out how to go into the service menu and looked at the "Vehicle Signal Check" menu. The Link system does not receive any "Shift Position R" signal (as per the attached image). The camera works, as I can go into the calibration settings. I'm pretty sure it is likely due to some switch in the gear shift console, but I wanted to check if anyone had this issue and resolved it.

The reverse lights come on, and obviously, every other indicator seems to identify that the car is indeed in reverse.

Please let me know, and thanks in advance.



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Hi, I have the exact same problem right now. Did you solve the problem?
Hi, I have the exact same problem right now. Did you solve the problem? How?
I also have the same issue, and confirmed same as Costa has done. No fix for this yet. Obviously a common failure.
If the reverse lights come on, then the system is working and activating as it should. if the screen is blank, then camera feed is no good. And if screen doesnt change and stays the same then control signal from etacs is not activating head unit. you would need to check signal to head unit. If self test like in the pics above shows a image, then likely to be a switching signal fault.
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Hi there
Did you find the root cause of the issue?
I got the same issue on my outlander 2015. What is the solution?
My vehicle is 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander 3rd gen 2.4L 4WD. I have same exact issue.
  • Reverse camera not working when in reverse.
  • In calibration settings I can view the reverse camera, so camera itself is working.
  • When doing 'vehicle signal check' it shows its not in reverse when it is.

I have been trying to fix it, I have done the following:
  • replaced entire mmcs unit (stereo / head unit) - problem still there, so problem is not mmcs
  • confirmed with digital multimeter that etacs unit is getting the reverse signal from the inhibitor switch, when in reverse.
  • mmcs service menu confirms that its connected to the etacs via CAN communication

None of the above worked, mmcs still not registering reverse signal.
I have not been able to troubleshoot the CAN communication line in case there is problem there, as I don't have the equipment to be able to.

The only other thing plugged in is the Hands Free Module (HFM), does anyone here have this module too? Its a small box that is below the stereo unit. Perhaps the problem lies with it?

If anyone reading this has figured it out, please let us know solution. I will update if I figure it out.
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My same problem was finally resolved by changing the head unit and laying a new wire to get the reverse signal from behind. I had to throw a way the head unit which probably doesn't have any issue. According to my technician, the original head unit cannot be given an external reverse signal input.
Yes you're technician is correct the original head unit does not have plain reverse signal input, it gets reverse signal only via the CAN network.

I pulled the reverse camera out of the rear boot door, and checked the wiring and that it was getting power to the connector, etc, and everything is working correctly. Voltage measured 6.503Vdc. It only takes 4 wires from the mmcs (head unit). Ground - CGND (Violet wire), power supply CACC (white wire with black stripe), video signal CMP+ (white wire), and video signal shield CMP- (black wire). The other two black and red wires are just battery voltage and ground which do not go to the back of the car, the red battery wire comes through the wiring harness from fuse 17 under the dash. There is no camera detect CDET wire, as it says in the service manual, I do wonder if I could put 5v where the CDET line is supposed to be, on the camera connector (pin 2) to make the mmcs realise there is a rear camera present, but I don't want to break it.

I suspect the problem may lie with the ETACS programming. You can check on your mmcs in the service manual under CAN Communications, 'Coding data', there is an entry for the rear camera called 'REAR_CMR_PRSNT' and it says 'Not Present' on mine. I need to get my hands on an Etacs Decoder, so I can see if there is a setting on there to toggle the rear camera setting back to 'Present'. And I hope that will fix it.
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I have a 2014 Outlander GT with just under 62,000 miles that just started with the same issue. I can get into the camera settings and see the camera still works, the back up sensors still beep when backing up and reverse lights work. I can't figure out how to get into the service menu and look at the "Vehicle Signal Check" menu. Do I need special equipment to check the "mmcs service menu confirms that its connected to the etacs via CAN communication?"

As a 57 year old grandma, I need to know what to tell the technician when I take the car in to have the issue fixed. And I really don't want to look like a crazy female who knows nothing about cars (even tho I really am :giggle:) I'll admit I am spoiled to having the camera, but it has proven to be a great feature with young children and pets around!

Has anyone figured out a definite fix for the issue?

Thanks in advance for any help!!
I have a similar issue on 2010 lancer. Switched the original headunit to mmcs pulled out of outlander. Issue is with the aftermarket camera. I can see the camera feed from the service menu. However, the shift lever position was displayed as off. I managed to resolve it by setting the correct vehicle type in the service menu. "Shift Position R" now says ON. Still no camera feed though. I suspect external devices menu, no camera detected there.
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Hi, I got the same problem with my 2016 outlander. Can you please guide me how to fix it. Thanks
Hi, I got the same problem with my 2016 outlander. Can you please guide me how to fix it. Thanks
What head unit do you have
The original head unit came with the vehicle
There are about 3 different ones that came with outlander. Post a picture and I will try to help
Have a look at this video to see how to access the hidden menu on your radio unit. There is a menu item for monitor adjustment. access this and if you see a picture it means there is a wiring issue where your radio is not seeing a reverse signal. if there is no picture it is likely the radio is faulty. This is more likely than a camera fault..
I did as you said. Can see the camera image but not coming when the revers on. Thanks
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On the vehicle signal check page, did you try selecting reverse?
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