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just rescued an endeavor from the crusher.. previous owner gave up fixing this problem was gonna junk it

could barley idle it sounded like it was running on 2 cylinders
(had oil in the coils) cleaned it out but its still a little rough the lights flicker a bit at idle

Another issue is after driving around restarting isnt easy, she cranks a while before she turns over.. tapping the gas helps.

code stored p0401 egr and i have a pending p0456 evap (fuel filler tube and cap is good)
sometimes getting p0300 random misfire, but that seemed to go away after cleaning the oily coils..

Im wondering how to find and fix this egr and evap issue i feel like they result in my idle and starting problems.

I can hear a small hiss coming from the back of the engine at idle
(exhaust and any hoses pipes all look intact and new)

I cannot seem to find many diagrams nor a haynes manual for this car so that makes this very hard to tackle.

ANY imput/comments would help so much as i work 72 hours a week with one day off.
Been doing research and looking for diagrams and cant find anything.

Im looking into this but dont have much time.. i will update if i fix the issue.
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