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Adaptation of major companies like Mitsubishi to join the Renault-Nissan group. It became more and more apparent when they were announced that they would go on to enter the Southeast Asian market in full. Under a small yet elegant roadmap focused on cost reduction and sustainable profitability with the launch of several new products in the future.

But back to other markets that used to be popular and liked the car of the three-pointed diamond brand camp Looks like a dream during the day Especially with dealers in Europe When a news report is made without a clear source of news That Mitsubishi is preparing to break the raw material in the European market. With the ban on exporting a wide range of SUVs to dealers in Europe

More importantly, it is The plan will come up very quickly. It is reported that the halt of the export of SUVs to the European market will happen in the coming September immediately. After last month They announced it earlier. That the introduction of new models will be stopped in the European market, but no details about all of this will be released.

What models of cars are not exported?
Of course, the most unfortunate thing is The SUV in the dart that will be discontinued is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV), a car that will be produced for launch in Thailand in Later this year By saying that unfortunately because this car is It is the best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle in Europe.

There is also a small SUV like the Mitsubishi ASX (Mitsubishi ASX), the brand's best-selling model in the region. It also includes another SUV coupe, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross), which all three models account for more than 64% of Mitsubishi's passenger car sales. Kochi in the first half of the year ever.

The question is, how many models will Mitsubishi have in the European market? One of the remaining models is Mitsubishi Space Star (Mitsubishi Space Star) or Mitsubishi Mirage in our house and Mitsubishi L200 (Mitsubishi L200) pickup truck sold in Thailand under the name Mitsubishi Triton, of course, Mitsubishi dealers are not happy about this.

The creeping changes in Mitsubishi
Mitsubishi sold 53,242 passenger cars in the first six months of 2020 in the European market. In this number It is the third generation of SUVs in the market for 64% of the time. Star and L-200 do not have a bright future. When it was also reported that both models would only continue to market until the end of 2021

The Mitsubishi dealer would be angry at the problem. Because of course there is no official confirmation from the camp to be clear And further reports that All dealers are notified just a few days in advance. Before the plans are announced to stop introducing new products This has a huge impact on the market for the rest of the cars in the market.

In the first quarter of fiscal year 2020 (April - June), Mitsubishi Europe sold about 30,000 units, down from 5.8 ten thousand units sold in the same period a year earlier. This accounted for a contraction rate of more than 48%, which is less than the global average of 53%, ASEAN, 68% or more, but in Japan, it also shrank more than 52%.

However, if you look at the sales forecast in this fiscal year. It will be found that the European market will have sales of only 1.15 hundred thousand units, shrinking up to 47%, contrary to the overall global market, projected to shrink 25% in ASEAN where the contraction will be reduced to 19% or in Japan will be reduced to 21%, which is likely due to various marketing plans.

This plan adjustment Partly as a result of the Renault-Nissan partnership. With news that they decided to walk separately Together to hit the world market By dividing the area in which each person is strong In order not to overlap the market competition among themselves. Nissan will focus on the American market. Mitsubishi in Asia And Europe will release Renault Ford as the main

information source:AutoFun
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