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following jims advice i managed to get water pump off,the bolt holding lower crankshaft pulley was a bit of a bugger,there are timing marks to line it up to,one point of interest thou is mine has the 1830cc 4g93 engine fitted which was used in the lancer and some other models,it was quite a popular engine,yet when i phoned the one and only dealer here,i was informed it would take six months to get one,so im taking mine over the border to south cyprus to get one and to get a new bush put in my old one so if need arises i will have a spare one,so if any of you ever deside to tour over here bring your own spares with you as ACI HALI mitsubishi dealers dont seem to stock much.another point is if you need a manual for engine use,check to see what other models yours was used in...


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Giday Steve, I have just replaced the cambelt, tensioner, seals and water pump on my mitsi 4G93 engine. I found this manual online, hope this helps you for when you reassemble your engine. I made up the index below to help find things a bit easier. Just copy and paste the following link to your address bar.
Cheers Bigo

Mitsubishi RVR Manuals

1. General
2. Engine
3. Lubrication
4. Fuel
5. Cooling
6. Intake and Exhaust
7. Engine Electrical
8. Emission Control
9. Clutch
10. Manual Transmission
11. Automatic Transmission
12. Automatic Transmission
13. File Damaged
14. Propeller Shaft
15. Front Axle
16. Rear Axle
17. Wheel and Tyre
18. Power Plant Mount
19. Front Suspension
20. Rear Suspension
21. Service Brakes
22. Parking Brakes
23. Steering
24. Body
25. Exterior
26. Interior
27. Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)
28. Chassis Electrical
29. Heater Air Conditioning Ventilation
30. Manual Updates
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