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Bought my 04 Lancer Ralliart 5spd back in August 06 after coming back from Iraq for $14000 with only 12k on it completely stock. First thing was to throw on a 3.5 in muffler, then a k+n filter, then 17in 10 spoke black racing rims with nexen tires, going to take switch to Hankook soon, then put in a rrm cai, thats it for perforamance, not going to bore you with other stuff.

This car is my baby, the most important thing in my life besides my neice and nephew. I currently run valvoline 5w30 synthetic oil and upgraded spark plugs. My first time in metropolis IL, and I decide to have fun going down a skinny remote dirt road at 35 plus through the woods. I let her get a little loose around a turn on hard pack dirt with small loose gravel on top and thought it would be easy to correct, man was I wrong and overcorrected off an 10 embankment thank good only into weeds and brush but the rear end of my car bottomed out and completely flattened my muffler tip closed and pused it over 5 inches. My car stalled ouot and took a little while to start after spining around 180 degrees at about 30mph. I was lucky to get out with relatively little damage, took 3 hours cleaning her up, but the muffler melted an inch out of my bumper. The engine code read crankshaft positioning sensor, but when I took it to the dealership they said it was good to go and the code was clear and havent had trouble since.

My car tops out at 129 at about 6100rpm, believe me I've done it multiple times, handles pretty well at that speed and doesnt take too long to get there, pretty quiet too. I took it to the track a couple times, best was 10.5 at 80mph in the 8th mile, redlining 3rd gear.

My next upgrades WILL be a complete ss clutch line, an act racing clutch, light weight flywheel, pulley kit, rrm headers and downpipe, and short shifter. Was considering supercharger but changed my mind. I will aslo put in the black angel eyes headlights, any tips on this?
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