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(1993 dodge stealth v6 6g72/R4A3 non turbo 3.0l)

I got a fresh one for any experts out there. Well worth the read if you like a challenge. I literally have read an entire book on the ignition system for this precise model. And researched how to check connectors with multimeter

List of New Parts (researched and numbers matched) ECU from manufacturer, new battery and cables, new ignition harness, new PTU (ignition module), TPS (installed properly), new crank sensor. New cam sensor. New fuel pump, new spark plugs and wires (magnapacks work properly) new hydraulic tensioner and timing done (job researched and done correct), Fuses and relays including MFI are in good condition. Fuse links, connected, list of every ground checked. Checked every possible connector and sensor with multimeter (volts/ohms) Every filter replaced (external internal trans, both fuel filters,oil filter and air filter) (6 total)

Gotten it started with rough idle before list of new parts. PTU/TPS stuck past redline so I shut the car down. Replaced the list above and now it cranks well with no start and slowly stops cranking before becoming unresponsive. Starter works. I'm into the fuse box checking for any loose or shorted wire with no luck. I'm baffled
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