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Hi folks, hope this will help folks to figure out all those wires on Challenger AKA Native, Montero, Pajero Sport

I'm first timer Mitsubishi and non-existance of accessible manuals on Challenger was an unpleasant surprise ;(
The first manual for sale with my vehicle on the picture was found on some Ukranian website, when I clicked payment the first thing I saw is enter your credit card and donate for war, oh crap was my instant though. Thanks to Google Pay there was a better way to pay and the manual was mine. On Russian language and as later appeared for some other market (mine is Australian model) - no anywhere close to actual sockets and ECU on mine.
Well, on the second attempt of a broader search for related models found this site
That's Russian again but all vehicle links and manuals are in English, and manuals include regional models (such as APAC with its special bluetooth audio units)
I found mine there

My findings:

1. Speed Sensor (VSS) wire is coming all way into the radio. After removing the front panel, I could see a internal single wire connector which connects pink wire with primary radio harness. Aerpro primary harness APP01111 has the relevant pin simply missing. So need to either hardwire to the above single wire connector or to the wire on the harness.
Note: to check that VSS wire is actually the right one - plugged a needle with wire attached on it to the harness on that expected pin, connected to multimeter on Hz mode and when driving the number of HZ on the multimeter screen was roughtly miles per hour.

2. Rear gear signal line - another single orange wire connector hanging of the stereo wire pack, not connected to anything.
This is the second wire which I thought will be hard to find/trace along with VSS and was afraid to perpectives of hooking somewhere to ECUs, but it happened to be right in the stereo space, no need to pull any wires anywhere, all provided for our convenience ;)

3. Wheel audio and phone buttons. Aerpro recommends CHMB5C, which cost here around 80AUD, for my Kenwood 9020, which has OEM steering wheel remote in.
Their harness is made for a unified input for units w/o OEM steering controls support, my Kenwood has OEM steering wheel support, you I don't need this harness.
Aerpro won't provide a connector for the second audio socket in my vehicle, rather than expensive one above, so I connected 2 wires from that socket into Kenwood 3.5mil audio jack for ext remote. I was nervous if it make all buttons work, including phone ones, but everything worked fine - the unit recognised all of them in learning mode.

Font Circuit component Cable Electronic device Wire

^^^ All I needed is to hook the 2 wires on that picture above to the stereo audio jack input for remote. No need for the harness on the picture for my Kenwood.

4. USB wires. There is one coming to glove box, appears it goes into a module behind the box (I guess it is special Bluetooth module with voice command support which kept telling me that bluetooth is locked and prompted for a code which was none of a known factory ones). I unplugged the module connector from that bluetooth to save electricity and removed its USB to replace with the one from Kenwood.

5. USB port extension - I still didn't figure what do I do with APUSBMT2 from Aerpro. One USB has wire which connects to Kenwood, but another is just 3 wires poking out w/o any f..g instruction. The best idea I got at the moment is to disassemble a USB car charger, take out the board and resolder its out to these wires.
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