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Shogun Sport 2.5td

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Hi All, I purchased a Shogun Sport 2.5TD last year and have been extremely happy with it, however a few faults that won't seem to go away. One is the handling, I can live with this but the steering judder at low speeds is frustrating, I had the wheels balanced, four wheel alignment etc with no difference just a lighter wallet. Seems like this is the norm so I guess I have to live with it.
Secondly my engine management light keeps coming on, I had this checked by a dealer, first time they replace the fuel pump under warranty, the second time they adjusted the turbo, now its started coming on again, very frustrating when you are on the motorway having to stop and turn off the engine to reset it.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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I had the same problem with a 2.5 sport, which had the power upgrade fitted... turned out there is a known problem with the upgrade (or so I was advised by the dealer) which causes this and if resetting the computer control for the upgrade doesnt work then removing it is the only cure.
For the low speed shudder, have your steering components examined. IT may be a steering box with too much play. This is common with older mitsu 4x4 rig's. Not sure about your sport but worth checking out.

I don't notice that on my 1990 but that may be because I run 33x12.5 inch BFG mud terrains all the time. :grin:
Thanks alot for that will check it out...

Just an update, I replaced all my tyres, at the dealers advice, pirelli Scorpion Zero's with pirelli Scorpion ST, wobbble gone, much smoother ride.

I had another service and explained to the mitzi dealer that the engine managment light still comes on from time to time, rare but annoying when you have to pull in & switch off to reset it. The car is just out of warranty. I got a call while it was in to say I needed a new turbo @ £800!!.Turned out they just adjusted it when I refused to buy a new turbo, strange that I didn't need a new one while the car was under warranty.

I have had this problem since I got the car, the fuel pump was replaced under warrenty and was supposed to cure it, it didn't. They then readjusted it for me, the problem still exisited I just put up with it. At the last service they adjusted it again. Its back in the shop again, loss of power, e/m light came on threes times in a row, same day.
Only 58K on the clock, surley this cannot be acceptable.
I am told now that it is a sticking waste gate, and the parts are hard to get hold of, hence the recomendation to repalce the turbo. Any suggestions?
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I'm thinking to upgrade my pajero sport 2,5tdi. Anyone else has any experianced any kind of problem? Do you know any prices? It's worth the money for the accelaration it gives you, or the difference is small?
i know this is gonna sound a silly question what is the rear roof seatbelt for on a shogun sport 2.5 diesel thanks
Any one know how long a dipstick in a mitsubishi sport should be in inches I think I have the rong one in my car and getting a rong reading
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