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New Holland LT185.B, 2006 yr, 1600 hrs. Picked up a load of top soil and I drove about 300 yards to dump it on my ditch bank and the bucket would not go's stuck resting all the way down. No noise, no anything. Tilt and everything else is normal. I had only been operating it for about an hour, and lightly.

The foot pedals are free and clear of dirt under them. I have full hydraulic fluid. No breaks in the lines.

The left pedal (vertical movement) feels locked, like it does when my seat belt isn't clasped. I cycled ignition and drove the loader around and that did not help. Also there are no dummy lights on and I cycled the safety brake on/off and seat belt clasp several times too.

Has anyone an idea of what I can check next?

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look at this user manual link for your bob cat includes parts and control section s

this is where you problem will be ..exploded views and other helpful information
your boom parts are listed in the....chassis/ attachments and hydraulic section

for dummy lights... try electrical section first

no dont own one
I just get called out to look atand diagnose all sorts of things mechanical these day s..anything motor driven
fork lifts, tractors ,well pumps ,cement mixers,
commercial bakery equipment
.....all sorts or wierd stuff

I was on a property and their bob cat went stupid ..about that size ..a diesel

bob cat had forgotten the Operator is in control of a bobcat not the other way around

would only go right when it wanted to then when it did go straight drag one track along every few meters
I diagnosed the problem for them
so they lifted it up on a tractor forklift with extensions . just like that .. no safety bar ..
they went under the thing and repaired it...
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