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Hi there!
I have a 2.0 Space Wagon of 2002 that has suddenly starting issue: it wont start. What's the situation:
- engine cranks and wants to start but it doesn't
- compression has been done and is ok
- problem has something to do with fuel pump because when I crank the car there is no buzzing of the pump
- battery is ok and there is ignition, so cranksensor is ok I assume
- an other fuelpump is not a solution
- testing fuelpump with 12V en earth : pump runs
- relay of fuelpomp checked and is ok
- ECU has been reset
- after some starts there are NO faults in the OBD scanner

- what the problem is that at point 22 of the ECU there is NO 12V (this 12V needs to go to the pump)
- when testing at 22 with a testing light the pump runs! and this light of the flow tester lights up somewhat, .....NO 12V but I think somewhat of 2-5V. So with this flow-leackage the pump runs!?!:surprise:

- I am thinking about some strange earthing problem.....?

has someone experience whith this strange problem or has a clue where to look?
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