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I have owned this car since new and its never been to a garage, I've always serviced and maintained it myself.

Any pointers please as to where I could check around the cabin that has caused the SRS light to remain lit.

The car had a full valet and after that I noticed the SRS remained on.

I checked under the front seats but can't see any wiring looms or connections unless I've missed something.

I also checked the rear seatbelts as one buckle was trapped when they put the seat back but I can't see anything connected to them. Too late to take it back and blame the valeters now..

I believe the SRS ECU is under the centre console but I'm not sure how to access it.. Any advice much appreciated.


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I once had a low voltage issue in winter - SRS light would come on.

Check voltage of battery.

Other than that - if you do anything with airbag etc. - make sure to disconnect battery first.

One wrong touch with a screw driver and the thing explodes in your face - literally.
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