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Space Star front hub replacement.

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I recently noticed that right front wheel had developed free movement and found that the hub and bearing had chattered and worn the bearing land on the hub to such an extent that I looked for a new hub. Dealers quoted me a delivery of "many months, possibly 3 or 4" and a whopping price. Breakers, quick to spot a profit when they see one, quoted about the same, but of course used. I looked on the web and found that several outlets sell a hub that is claimed to fit a 2001 Space Star 1.8 GDi for a more realistic price and 2 - 8 days delivery (which turned out to be about 3 weeks) It came from Latvia apparently.
However, the part supplied was not the same as the original the critical difference being the bearing land was 42.1mm long against the original's 35.3mm long. This caused the bearing inner races to separate under load, destroy the bearing and bought the hub into contact with the knuckle!
DO NOT buy these hubs. They do not replace the originals and seem to me to be of a softer steel.
You could of course buy them and fit a 6.8mm spacer, but I question the roadworthiness of that.
I ended up doing what I should have done in the first place. Took the original hub to my local machinist who turned the damaged section down and pressed a hard sleeve over it to recover the 35mm diameter along the whole length. Cost 45 folding pounds and three days! Assembled ok and no problems since. I am now trying to recover the cost of this exercise from the vendor.
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