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Spacestar Desirability

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I'm thinking over getting a Spacestar diesel. I gather the engine is actually a Renault and this worries me a little. Renault don't have a great reputation for reliability.

What could I expect in the way of problems in the long term? I tend to keep my cars for a good few years so I look for good durability of all running gear. My Astra diesel has done 143,000 miles (220,000kms) and is still on its original suspension bushes, for instance.

Any comments would be welcome.
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The diesel should be just as reliable as youd expect from mitsi,i think the service mileage recommended by mitsubishi is lower than that of the renault,Im not sure.ive only ever heard praise for the spacestar diesel
I have the same engine in my carisma. it is the best diesel I ever had, including vauxhall and vw. the service interval is the only slight problem, it is only 15000kms. But technically speaking the engine is the best I had: great comfort, great acceleration right from the cellar and all that at a mere 5,2 litres/km.

Go for it !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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