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Spacestar Petrol Consumption

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I own an '02 1.6 petrol Spacestar and appear only to get around 33 mph where the add's say 39 mph.

I've owned this vehicle for around 3 months and no matter how light I'm on the accelerator i'm still only getting between 32 - 33mph.

Are the add's wrong or is there something amiss here?

Otherwise I've been pleased with the whole car :)

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i too own a 1.6 spacestar equippe and have been monitoring fuel consumption using the multi centre dispaly. i have found that fuel consumption around town drops to around 30mpg, whereas driving distances at a constant speed increases fuel consumption (up to 37.1mpg so far). my parents micra uses a similar system i think and the consumption figures displayed are only an average. hope this is helpful
Here a late reply, though I'm fresh here... :beer:
I reset the trip computer every three months or so, with an average milage of 2700. My overall average fuel consumption sits around the 37mpg :thumbsup: . Very good for a car this size, because my former car was a Suzuki Swift 1.3 GLS (much much smaller) which had an average of "only" 40mpg. My right foot is still the same though...
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