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Hi all

I have had an intermitant starting problem for a while with the car. It would stall and then take a few attempts to get started again. It would turn over but with no start - as if it was getting no spark.

It wasnt a major problem as it never let me down.....until now.......

A couple of days ago the car stalled and it just wouldnt start again - no matter how much I tried!!!

I got the car towed home and checked a few things and found no spark at the plugs at all leading me to suspect the distributor cap/ rotor or distributor were faulty. I ordered a used distributor with cap and ht leads and rotor all in. Unfortunately even though it was from the same model (1.8 GLXI) the shaft that goes into the engine was only about 1/2inch on the new one whereas mine was about 1 1/2 inch??

Tried the other cap and leads and rotor but its still the same!!

I am returning the stuff as its obviously the wrong one and im almost resigned to buying a new unit from Ebay for £100. What bothers me is that there may be other faults that I wont know until I have changed the distributor and thats £100 wasted if its not the fault!!!

What else can I look at? Are there sensors that maybe stopping the spark? Is there a factory imobliser thats maybe faulty? It has got a cobra alarm fitted but that is turned off on a key!!

Does anyone know of any reliable salvage/breakers yards in and around South Wales where I could source god quality parts?

Anyway - I really dont want to part with this car - its great when its running - but obviously I cant spend fortunes on a car that a best is probably only £500!!!
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