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SUSPENSION UPGRADE MY20 Mitsubishi Outlander ZL 2.3L TD DiD

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Evening from Australia,

Owner of 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander ZL 2.3L Turbo Diesel. Of recent have purchased a camper trailer all within reason of numbers legally towable here in Queensland. I confirmed a known issue of suspension being too soft and upgrade required.

I am seeking for mechanically inclined / experienced, I have been trying to identify the difference between models ZJ, ZK, ZL of Outlanders as retailers often sell upgrade suspension for previous models by not my model ZL.

Can anyone or has anyone upgraded a ZL suspension or know their way around suspensions able to tell me whether the shock absorber and coil spring from say a Challenger or Pajero be able to be fitted to a Macpherson suspension of a ZL. Or even less drastically a suspension upgrade kit from a ZJ / ZK to a the ZL Outlander.

All information and advice will be appreciated.

Often upgrades are guided by the performance sought of the vehicle, in this instance I have towed my camper trailer and motor performance is more than capable but seeking an improvement in ground clearance and heavier rear to counter sag.
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As you are in Qld. I suggest that you contact:

I am not in Qld, but I have purchased parts from them with good results.
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