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Anyone ever heard of it? There are some pretty outrageous claims on their website. Says an oil change with this stuff will last approximately 150,000 miles before another oil change is needed, and is much superior to oil and synthetic.

From their website:

SynLube™ Synthetic Super Lubricants are 100% man-made Syn-Sols and NO petroleum is used in the production. Five different Synthetic Fluids provide for superior performance and three different colloidal solids in sub-micronic size provide the actual lubrication and surface separation. Since this mixture is chemically inert the oil can be used for up to 50 times longer then conventional lubricant. That usually means NO oil changes over the useful life of most vehicles.

What are the inherent problems ?

HIGH Production cost is the only relative disadvantage as typical Syn-Sol costs are in $20 to $35 range per quart. Also the rare chemicals that are used for production are available only in a very limited quantities.

Why is it used ?

The superior lubricity reduces friction and therefore significantly improves mechanical efficiency.

In gasoline car engine tests the fuel savings ranged from 4.5% to 6% and in diesel truck engine tests the fuel savings were from 5% to 8%, when compared to ASTM HR-2 (SAE 20W-30) Petroleum Motor Oil.

In NORMAL operation in most vehicles you can safely drive for up to 15 years, 150,000 miles or 4,000 engine hours without an oil change!

That means convenience and savings.


In USA about 12,750 consumers use Lube-4-Life® in over 20,000 vehicles.

Typical price is in $20 to $32 per quart range.


$150 to $260 per oil change
$350 to $900 per vehicle life (with ADD OIL).

How legit is this stuff, anyone know?

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Originally posted by Slim 2.4@Dec 15 2007, 12:28 AM
KY works great

If we believed the website and their claims the oil doesnt deteriate then we still have the problem of removing the small particles of metal/dirt that form within engine.
Its like Crypto said....another electric does nothing.
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