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First off, Im new to the forums, as well as the Evo world. I currently drive a 06 Jeep Rubicon and love it. Im seeking something smaller and better on gas (I get 15mpg!). I have a friend who owns a Scooby and I really dont like it. Evo's are sick looking and have more parts than I could dream of. Now here is the real delima:

1. Can someone tell me the differences between the different trims (RS, IX, MR, etc.)
2. I do plan to build it up (bigger turbo, injectors, tranny...the works) so what is best to start off with?
3. What companies are well respected with the Evo community? Greddy, HKS, AEM?
4. Aside from Turboback exhaust and intake, what general mods are needed for a larger turbo? What size do yall stick with?

I know its alot to ask in one post but its all information I really need to make my decision. I do have technical experience with building motors and such (Going to school for it!) so dont hold back on that.

Thanks again.

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