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Got your rear bumper damage when driving backward in a parking lot? Looking for an aftermarket body kit to customize your vehicle’s exterior? Whichever the reason, at Truck&Gear, we have you covered with first-grade Mitsubishi body parts at competitive prices. We stock hundreds of replacement and custom body components for virtually every model, so you’re guaranteed to find the right Mitsubishi auto body parts for your repair or custom projects. Among them, you’ll find:
  • aftermarket exterior body parts and related accessories (custom body kits, powder-coated grilles, steel body armor parts, running boards, spoilers, fenders, fender flares, custom hoods, etc.)
  • replacement body parts (quarter panels, grilles, fenders, header panels, hoods, bumpers, etc.)
All body parts are manufactured in compliance with strict quality standards and are subject to rigorous testing for durability and fit to ensure a long-lasting service life and effortless installation.

Do my new body parts need any preparation work?
In short, they do. Even genuine body parts made by your automaker for your specific model call for some trimming and preparation work to fit properly. The reason is some minor deformation that your vehicle’s body components get over time. We recommend you to pre-fit the parts before installing them to ensure an accurate fit and successful installation. It is also a good idea to leave this job for a professional installer. It will save you lots of headaches in the long run.
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