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V6 Shogun Sport Montero Water leak from engine mount!

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Hello fellow Mitsi drivers!

I'm hoping somebody can advise me on this. I have a steady leak from a plate on the left side of my 2001 V6 3.0 petrol Shogun Sport / Montero engine. It's directly behind the engine mount, and below the exhaust manifold. The drips aren't visible above the mount.

The steady leak is obvious even when the engine is cold.

The drips seem to be coming from a metal tube sandwiched in a plate to which the engine mount is bolted.

Is the cooling jacket directly behind this plate?

Please help. I'm tearing out what's left of my hair. šŸ˜¬
(Area sprayed red to aid diagnosis.)

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Not my engine below, but this is the area. Much harder to see on mine because of the steering gear and inner wing.

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My guess would be a core plug has corroded through that is behind there somewhere.
Ah, that would make sense, thank you!
Odd place to hide a core plug, behind a steel plate.
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