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Got a used 2012 Lancer GT a month and a half ago. It has 98k miles on it, and I have already noticed a lot of annoying sounds and beeps that I don't think it needs to be making.

One is a whining sound that moves in pitch along with the revs. I recorded it here for you to listen. Is this like a fake turbocharger sound or is something actually wrong? The previous owner did put on some moderate physical modifications, so I don't know if they added anything else...

Beep/light - after I start the car and am stationary, or whenever come to a stop while driving, a light that says "LOCK" with a symbol that looks like the key cover (the car has a F.A.S.T key ignition system) and beeps once will often come on (picture here). I found it in the owners manual as the "Ignition switch turn-off reminder system" (page 124 of this PDF owner's manual) and it appears to be going off when it's not supposed to. Does anyone know why it's going off or how to get it to stop?

Beeping - when I turn the car off, as I'm getting out with the key in hand, it will emit a kind of quiet fast-paced beep which sounds like it's coming from the back until I either lock the doors or walk away from the car. What the heck is this about?

Beep/light - right after turning off the car, before even getting out or picking up the F.A.S.T. key, sometimes it will warn me saying "key still in vehicle" with a dash screen warning even when I haven't moved at all after turning off the engine.

This is my first post here, thanks all.
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