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My name is Lian and I am from Manila. I recently bought a Mitsu Chariot Grandis GDI Touring Variant with a 2.4 4G64. It was running well when I took it off the hands of the previous owner for a couple of months, then earlier this year, a couple of problems occurred. Namely one of them would be the air-conditioning. The refrigerant had to be filled every 2 or 3 months, which I later found out was an evaporator issue which I had replaced. After getting the air-conditioning to work well, it seemed that the engine had a hard time in accelerating when the air-conditioning is turned on, especially uphill, resulting it to stall halfway up, which is quite dangerous, additionally it dies when I parallel park in our driveway, usually when it is in reverse. Also after a long drive in the hot, polluted city weather here in Manila, I had a hard time restarting it. I had to let it cool down for 30 minutes and it will start right up like nothing happened.

I do see the Check Engine light lit up, and I had it scanned. I was told by the mechanic that looked it up that it was a problem with the VVT Sensor which causes the stalling during idle and uphill. I was quite skeptical with the results because since it was converted from a RHD to LHD, the scan may not be as accurate as it should be.

The previous owner used to drive the car almost everyday until they bought a new one and he did inform me that after buying the new car, he did not use the Chariot for months before I bought it.

Sorry for the long thread but as you can see, this car does have a lot of issues and I want to get some advise if I could still have it fixed or just let it go. My wife has been breathing down my neck over the parts that I've bought for it and how many mechanics I had to go to, and pay to get it fixed. I would really appreciate and consider any advice right now. I'm borderline desperate.

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