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I have a 2010 Mitsubishi L200 Walkinshaw and could do with some input regards axle & suspension replacement or repair. If anyone has relevant knowledge it’d be much appreciated.

The Walkinshaw ‘unfortunately for me’ doesn’t have the standard L200 leaf spring suspension on the rear axle. It has a damper and coil spring which attaches to the rear axle by means of a bracket, welded to the axle. Its this bracket (near side) which has failed.

Id hoped for a straight replacement from a scrap yard as Mitsubishi don’t carry the spare but as so few were made, I’ve drawn a blank.

So, I’m looking for similar experiences or educated direction as to the following if anyone can help.

  1. Anyone got such an axle?
  2. Is it possible to remove the current suspension and retro fit with leaf springs and a conventional axle?
  3. Is it feasible that a new bracket could be fabricated to the existing axle?

I’m looking for knowledge first and foremost BUT ill be looking for someone to take the job on too, in the midlands area, if anyone has recommendations?

Thanks in advance.
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From those pictures the axle tube assembly looks standard, so getting a bracket re manufactured should be possible.

I cannot see the body mounts for the leaf shackles, so i cannot comment on whether it would be possible to retro fit standard suspension
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