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Eclipse RS/GS... Stock 420a or Engine Swap? -- POLL BY VIRNIN

Poll results show that more than 75% of voters believe it's best to keep the 420A.

1. 420a Motor -- [77.36%]
2. Motor Swap -- [22.64%]

Swapping 4G63 into a 420A car

Originally posted by eclipsed4utoo@May 10 2005, 02:28 PM
EDITED: after further studying, I have found out that I have posted this wrong.* The Evo 1-3 engines are good swaps for the GST/GSX not the 420a.* Instead, the Evo 4-8 engines will be a better candidate to look at when thinking about swapping.* Sorry for the confusion.

so here are some available engine swaps:

evo 4-8 - it has far superior internals than the 1G.* the weight of the pistons(forged) are ultra light compared to the 1G and 2G but have a higher compression.* it also has 510 injectors and a evo 16G turbo. bigger throttle body.* comes with a titanium valve cover.* but its also expensive

4G63t(aka GST/GSX engine) - dont even think about it unless you are looking to spend a ton of money for the swap.* dont believe is a list of the parts you will need:
1. 4G63 turbo engine (stock) $1500
2. transmission (stock GS-T FWD) $500
3. wiring harness for engine $300
4. 4G63 ECU (stock) $300
5. shift linkage $200
6. custom engine mounts $200
7. chassis cross member $100
8. complete exhaust $200
9. intercooler, turbo, related parts $500
10. boost gauge/fuel filter, etc $300
11. Installation $1500"
Originally posted by maurizio368+Jul 31 2005, 06:12 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (maurizio368 @ Jul 31 2005, 06:12 PM)</div>
Stick with the 420a and build the bottom end first.* You will spend way too much money trying to do an engine swap.* The 420a has plenty of aftermarket parts to enable you to lay down some serious HP.* I would recommend you to research and ask plenty of questions.* I am building my 420a and decided to do so after researching the swap.* Some say that the swap is impossible but nothing is impossible as long as you have the $$ to do the talking.* I am currently building the bottom end with JE .20 overbore pistons and eagle rods, I am going to leave the tranny alone as I discovered it will be able to handle the torture of forced induction.* I will however, change out the flywheel and clutch.* I plan to port and polish the head and change out its components to probably HKS cams and cam gears or AEM cams and cam gears.* Stick with a stage 1 cam gear if you plan to use it as a daily driver otherwise use a stage 2 or greater.* If you plan to put in more than 500 HP, change out the axles as well...I would recommend axis yellow boots as they will handle this power.* I got all this information from someone who already completed this project and was very sucessful.* I can send you more info on all the other details.* email me at [email protected][/b]
@Dec 19 2005, 05:49 AM
heres my .02 , The only way a 420a - 4G63 swap is any way reasonable, Buy a GS-T front clip.. that should have everything you need. for outher engine swap ideas with the 420a, its good to know some background on the 420a. The 420a is a Chrysler engine aka dodge, plymoth, and eagle ( any bells ringing? plymoth and eagle are chrysler branches,(laser-talon) the GS, RS,and ESI are basicly a mix of mitsubishi and chrysler). the late 90's dodge neon, avenger, and some outher chrysler cars from the late 90's also use the 420a. and some miny vans have engines like the 420a . you may be thinking.. why would I want a miny van engine??!! first off.. for the stronger block, and also the bottom end of the Neon SRT-4 would make a good swap ( but they kind of suck with the a low max rpm) with alot of moding but still easyer than the 4g63. The 420a eclipses/talons/& lasers are set up for chrysler engens. So stop looking at Mitsubishi engines and start looking in to MOPAR engines. As much as this may hurt.. you dont drive a true Rice Grinder! lol . and for those who want to build there 420a heres some links you might like.

engen rebuild 420a*

HAHN turbo kit*

Hope this helps

4G63T Swap into 2GNT -- WRITTEN BY SLOW420A

this is for people with questions about swaping out your 420a for a 4g63t


heres the 4g63t. notice which way the motor is. the cam gears are on the driver side. the transmission is on the passenger side.

now heres the 420a. the camgears are on the passenger side. the transmission is on the driversside.

the motor mounts are completely different. so the labor charges will be enormous plus the wiring will be insane.

Originally posted by 1998eclipseRS+Sep 26 2005, 06:06 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (1998eclipseRS @ Sep 26 2005, 06:06 PM)</div>
alright your saying it will cost a but load but WHAT IF you are able to get ahold of a 96 gst for cheap since it was wrecked in the rear and all engine components are usable??? would it be worth it at all????

and as for a but load what are you saying estamated????[/b]
Originally posted by [email protected] 26 2005, 06:35 PM
the engine is not whats so expensive.* its the labor and modifications that need to be made.

price ~$7-8k
@Oct 5 2005, 04:26 PM
Well i did some looking into this, read on lots of random sites that overall it's a bad idea.* The conclusion i really come to is that you could KEEP your GS or RS and buy a GS-T for the price of the swap.

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line-height:100%'>Swapping a 4G63 (2.0 L) into a 4G37 (1.8 L) car.

This information was written by KrazyK based on his experience in successfully making this swap happen.

Originally posted by krazyk+Apr 30 2007, 10:40 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (krazyk @ Apr 30 2007, 10:40 PM)</div>
look before you even attempt to do this you should know that the amount of man hours it took is well uncountable if thats even a word...and if you dont have access to a garage with lifts or atleast some jacks and an engine hoist your screwed...its not as easy as the write up seems and im sure i left some things out so dont treat it as a bible...some things will call for a little ingenuity and a lot of patiences...and a final thought if you've never worked on cars before, no scratch that if you've never done more then change your oil and put an intake on dont try this cuz your gonna **** your ride up and your gonna ask me a lot of questions that i dont wanna answer

that being said, cody asked and now you all will recieve my write up on how i did a 1g 1.8 to a 2.0 turbo swap

height:100%'>Swapping a 6-bolt into a 7-bolt. 1g 4g63 into 2g 4g63
@Apr 27 2007, 11:55 AM
Can you guys post a topic here on the 1G motor swap into a 2g Car...I've been looking for this every where and Nothing. Moderators Please! Thanks! :57:
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gotcha :thumbsup:

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Swapping a 6G72 (3.0L V6) into a 420A/4G63 (2.0L I4) car.[

No articles or proven information has been posted on this topic yet, but it has been discussed and many agree that you would be better off just buying a brand new car or something.

Engine Swap, 6G72 into 420A -- WRITTEN BY TERD_FERGUSON

So my friend and I were just looking under the hood of my GS and we had an epiphony. What about a 6G72 that we just saw in a junk yard earlier?

Who thinks this will work, who thinks it won't and why.

I'm probobly going to do it unless I can get a very good reason not to. I know it will require fabricating but that's ok.....I want it. :gunsmilie:

Also I'm going to remove AC, power steering; relocate battery, ECU, and fuse box to make room. I'm going to have to study up on how to do this and get some friends to help.

And I will most likely just buy the entire car (Galant wagon; I know.....why) so I will have anything I need in the process.

Opinions wanted!! :grin:

Originally posted by 4G63Attack+Apr 11 2007, 12:04 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (4G63Attack @ Apr 11 2007, 12:04 PM)</div>
that engine will brake your car.[/b]
Originally posted by Turd [email protected] 11 2007, 04:14 PM
The 6G72 is a 3.0 V6 engine which I believe is shared with Chrysler like the 420A. I may be wrong about that.
How will it break it if I reinforce the right spots. I've seen small-blocks put into '76 Beetles and win a drag. Anything is possible. Crazy, yes, but possible. It would be time and money, but I can work with that.
Originally posted by [email protected] 11 2007, 11:02 PM
hi everybody. i know i just joined the community but i know the 6g72 comes in the mitsu 3000gt as a n/t and as a twin turbo i looked this up a while bak but wasnt really sure of the outcome so i called jazzproparts and asked them if this particular motor would fit he said not in an eclipse being a bigger engine. heres a pic of a twin turbo (left) and a n/t  (right)  . good luck if its possible let us know i wanted to try this but never research it  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:
Originally posted by [email protected] 12 2007, 12:08 AM
well, if you orient it in reverse and cut out the fire wall it would probably fit, but like terd said, lots a fabbing. and 6G72 is mitsu made, not chrysler.
Originally posted by Turd [email protected] 12 2007, 01:00 AM
So an update is that I will not make this happen any time soon. I don't have the time right now since I'm moving to Florida soon, but I hope to get a job in a custom shop to help out the progress. One day this will be done.....just cause. And I'll take pictures. But keep the replies comin. The more info and opinions the better. I like reading what everyone thinks about it. :liebe011: :thumbsup:
@Apr 22 2007, 02:00 PM
okay guys here we go i found this site that may answer question for the engine swap topic that we being having its called there are some pics of wat looks like a talon if mitsu shares the 420a with some of the chrisler models this people are doing the swap would not hurt to check them out see wat they come up with here are some pics of the car. opinions wat you guys think. not sure of the engine could be a 3rd gen v6 correct me if i'm wrong

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Originally posted by GuardianAvatar7@Aug 16 2007, 12:59 PM
My question, because i have a post up for it right now, just how much is there extra from a 4g63 to a 4g63 turbo?
Scratch my previous post, i found two websites with 4g63 N/T to Turbo conversions. here are the links for other people out there who are crazy enough to attempt this.

4g63 NT to Turbo (1)
4g63 NT to Turbo (2)

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good point you will have to strip all of the car to do the swap but it might be intresting to do it good luck with that but if you ever wanna give that 420a a chance check this out a 420a head on a srt4 block this might be bit of a eye opener to the guys that have a 420a this car has 700 to 1200 hp with about 40+ pounds can we say moparbishi :57:


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i had someone mention converting a there 2g gst into a 2g gsx. which is possible and has been done before. i personally have not done it but i did find teh write-up article on it here it is
2g awd conversion

(could a mod pin this post please)
awd spyder
Could that be done to an RS? Or could I get a GSX Shell with all of the AWD components already there... and just put my RS on that?
the parts won't match. non-turbo cars can swap parts with other non-turbo cars and turbo cars can swap parts with other turbo cars. Some parts aren't interchangeable but they usually aren't the major parts.

the only 2g models you can swap parts are

95-99 base, RS & GS(major parts like engine, trans, etc.)
95-96 base, RS & GS(minor parts like headlights, bumpers, etc.)
97-99 base, RS & GS(minor parts)
95-99 GS-T & GSX (major parts like engine and front suspension. not trans)
96-96 GS-T & GSX (minor parts like ECU, bumpers, headlights, etc)
97-99 GS-T & GSX (minor parts)
so with that could i make my GS into AWD
no. you will spend countless hours to end up with a huge paperweight.

it can be done but plan to spend a minimum of 6 months working 8 hour days on your car only.
Well just wondering but has anyone or does anyone know someone who has done a 1g 2WD to AWD swap I probably won't do it but was just wondering
it's easier to remove the rear body panels from your 420a car and weld them to the gsx then it is to remove all the mechanical stuff, wiring harness and everything else to the 420a car

let's simplify all this swapping stuff:
you have a 420a car 95-99 non turbo.
and you have a GSX 95-99 turbo

you basically have to take EVERYTHING OFF the whole way down to each nut, bolt and plastic clip of the gsx down to nothing but a unibody/frame with body panels on it. Then take EVERYTHING off of your 420a car the whole way to the unibody/frame. Then put ALL the gsx stuff on to the 420a cars frame. This includes wiring, clips, ties, plumbing, bushings, grommets, seals, guages, shifter, cables, bolts, nuts, fuel system, fuel tank, suspension, axles, transmission, engine, transfer case, drive shaft, brakes, spindles, control arms, lateral arms, sway bar, ,,,,,,,,EVERYTHING

simple enough
the difference between these models isn't that they just have extra parts. One model has diamond star (mitsubishi) construction. the other has Mopar (dodge) construction. even though they are made by the same company and are compatible with some things they aren't compatible on many things.

its kinda like taking a wheel barrow and turning it into a go cart. it can be done but it's rediculous when you can just sell the wheel barrow and buy the go cart.
with the GS or RS models it could be done, in theory, but is extremely more impracticle because of the different engines. you would have to strip your GS or RS completely of EVERYTHING including wiring harness. THEN strip everything off the GSX or AWD talon and try to put it all back on the RS or GS frame.

not only would this take forever you would probably lose half the nuts and bolts in the process because the car would eat them along with your 10mm wrench and socket :p
Yeah anything's possible. You can put a 454 in a civic, but is it worth it? It comes down to an economics issue (cost / benefit) You'll have twice the traction at a cost of about 8'000$. You can just buy a decent GSX for 2'000.
Yes its posible take a look at my web site :00000732: Its my Eagle Talon Tsi with a Eclipse Gsx Body coversion its sick.
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