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Hey team,

We fitted a bull bar to a 2021 MR Triton and had to relocate the windscreen washer pump bottle with an aftermarket unit (provided with the bull bar).

After installing the new unit there was no power to the washer pump. Washer pump was tested on its own and it worked so we eliminated that as an issue. Turns out the fuse for the washer pump is the same as the wipers themselves. This fuse was not blown and the wipers still work.

The factor washer was never used so we're not sure if it was an issue from the start or if installing the new pump has caused the issue. Naturally Mitsubishi have said that it must have been the new pump which has caused the issue and will not warrant it. Mitsubishi have diagnosed as needing a replacement ETAC unit. Has anyone ever come across this? There's only 2 wires to connect and we've done plenty of them without issue. If anyone can give info on the ETAC unit we need that would be gold.

Any past experience or advice is welcome on this one cheers
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